The Chargers are about halfway through as strange an offseason as any team, in any sport, in recent memory, has endured.Authentic NFL Jerseys. They’re now the Los Angeles Chargers, but until the league breaks for summer in late June, the football work is still being done in San Diego. They have a new head coach. They just welcomed in a new rookie class. And all the while, groundwork for the move is being laid 100 miles up the coast.In fact, on Wednesday, we talked as Lynn was in the middle of a quick trip to Orange County to move some things into his new house and do a site visit on work at the Chargers’ Costa Mesa facility, ahead of their July move-in date. The team had OTAs last week, and they’ll have OTAs next week, and this was the window for Lynn to knock out a couple off-field items.Jerseys For Sale.

The NFL requires mandatory topics be covered, including social responsibility, mental health, character, and many other valuable subject matters. china jerseys.It marks the culmination of an offseason program that also includes player health and safety, financial education, social media, playing rule changes from college to the pros and more.Senior Director of Player Engagement Arthur Hightower is tasked with creating the itinerary, and delved into the benefits of the program.“The NFL does a great job giving us a program with modules to help acclimate the rookies to their new profession,” he said. “Teams do it in different variations, but I stick to the approach I came up with of having a separate period outside those modules throughout the offseason. Cheap China Jerseys. That way we have a three day period where we can bring in speakers from the league office, former players and others to talk about important policies they need to be aware of. So this week, they’ll learn more about the business of the NFL and the policies that affect them.”

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When Joey Bosa is on the football field, he’s looking to get to the quarterback.Despite his recent success getting into the backfield, Bosa has not been doing much sacking in practice.“I’ve gotten in trouble a couple times for reaching out my hands, getting a little close there,” Bosa said last week on ProFootballTalk Live.Youth Football Jerseys. “They got on me last week so I’m going to stay away from (the quarterback) for sure this week.”Of course this makes sense. Quarterbacks are often distinguished during practice with different colored, “non-contact” jerseys in order to avoid an injury to football’s most important position.Bosa understands this reasoning, but that doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating on a day-to-day basis.”It’s tough, it’s something that we’re trained to do,” he said.Cheap Authentic Jerseys. “Reach out and grab the ball or finish the quarterback… going to the side of him is tough to do.”

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