Have you become a proud father?

Have you been born a beautiful girl? Her beauty will include a beautiful gift, and you as her father will be the first man to donate to her daughter. A suitable gift is children's earrings, which the girls look beautiful and confirm their beauty and femininity already a malinka. You can also donate a beautiful jewel to her mother and thank her for such a wonderful and beautiful gift that brought you to the world.
Happiness that deserves a gift
There are many happy days in life that will cause us joy and tears of happiness. But the happiest is the birth of a child. And what a joy it is when you are born a beautiful and healthy little girl. The dads immediately feel that they must protect her. Such a fragile knot of happiness is advisable to donate immediately and daddy should buy children's earrings with his daughter. Gold or silver, even with a colourful stone that will remind forever of this moment.