Who’s playing angry

Entertain yourself
Your singing is a drug for you and you are memorized by the songbooks. In the choir, you sing what you are not too tired of. Modern music is not much in the songbirds. How to help? Where to find some lyrics songs? That would need karaoke lyrics?
Who's playing angry
Many young people are not completely spoiled. They help, they are hardworking, they learn well, they have their hobbies. Singing is also a hobby, sometimes literally a horse. And karaoke lyrics are good food for hobby.
Let them do what they enjoy
Let us support talents, support the youth of anything positive, artistic, useful and beautiful. It's definitely better than watching them in a bunch of streets as they wander around the city. Give them karaoke to play. They'll look bored, but maybe in a while… You hear singing. Karaoke lyrics may be worth the exam.